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Cake and Cupcake Flavors Icing choices
Chocolate Vanilla Buttercream (Lemon,
Almond Pound Cake Orange, Almond, Coffee, etc.)
Cardamom Dark Chocolate Buttercream
Lemon Chiffon Dark or Milk Chocolate Ganache
White Vanilla Salted Caramel Buttercream
Carrot Cake Mocha Ganache
Toasted Coconut *Rolled Fondant
Red Velvet *Modeling Chocolate
Banana *Rolled Marzipan
Pumpkin Cake
Fillings *Additional Decor
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Marzipan or Fondant Animals and Fruit
Pastry Cream Chocolate Décor
Whipped Cream Candied Fruit or Flowers
Lemon or Passion Fruit Curd Gumpaste Flowers
Chocolate Mousse Hand Painting
Peanut Butter Mousse Sugar Lace
Citrus Cream Cheese Sugar Pearls (Various Colors)
Toasted Nut Meringue Edible Flowers/Decor:
Local Preserves Gum Paste
Caramel or Mocha Mousse Marzipan
Spiced Apple Butter Buttercream
Chocolate Ganache Modeling Chocolate
Prices vary depending on specialty ingredients and design.  Please contact me for a price quote.
There is a delivery fee based on distance to celebration
We also offer gluten free and vegan options


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